Community Reading Project

We want to know your favorite fairytales! For the Community Reading Project we’re asking you to either record yourself reading it aloud OR acting it out. Get creative! Make different voices for each of the characters; use props – anything to make your retelling of the story unique.

You can start submitting your stories on July 1st, but you can also submit them anytime throughout July – just get them to us by the 31st! You can email them to so that we can post them on our website and social media for you or you can post them to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram yourself (in a public post!) using the hashtag #USLCommunityReadingProject and we’ll share them directly from you!

Note 1: By submitting your Community Reading Project video you’re allowing us to share them on our platforms with other patrons – after all, that’s the point!

Note 2: Because of copyright restrictions we ask that submissions are no longer than one minute long. We’re asking for a section of your favorite fairytale – not the whole story. If you are acting out your favorite fairytale, you’re free to choose any that you like. If you’re reading it aloud, word for word, we suggest choosing an open-source fairytale via Project Gutenburg. Here’s a good place to start looking: Project Gutenberg