Join the Upper Skagit Library July 1- July 31 for our 2020 Summer Reading Program

This year our theme is "Imagine Your Story." When you register online for our Summer Reading Program you are eligible to receive a registration gift bag (details will be given via email as to pick up times and location). Once registered you can then pick and choose your very own summer reading adventure. You can participate in virtual programming, such as our Community Reading Project or our Humanities Washington presentation, read or listen to books from our collection or your, create ready-made activity kits, such as our Fairytale Postcard or Fire Breathing Dragon craft, or participate in an uplifting scavenger hunt.

No matter what you choose to do this summer be sure to log all your activities on our printed reading log or online to be entered into the Grand Prize drawing!

We want to thank the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) for helping libraries across the nation celebrate reading this summer!

Our Most Popular Programs

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Adults’ Summer Reading Bingo

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Teens’ Summer Reading Bingo

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Community Reading Project

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Enjoy our Summer Reading Program!

Come play D&D with us! (For teens, young adults, & adults!) Every Friday at 4pm. Our first session will be a pre-recorded YouTube video explaining how to play and how to create a character. In the weeks after that, we’ll meet and play via Zoom at 4pm. Use your own 20 sided dice from home or a random dice generator from the web. See our Dungeons and Dragons Club page for Zoom links and more resources!

The Geek Group is a self-led space for teens to talk about their interests in regards to books, movies, games, and more. At the end of each month teens will send in their suggestions for discussion topics. The facilitator (Library Programs Associate) will select one of these themes, research it, and find relevant information, links, etc to spark discussion, held the second Friday of each month at 4pm. Teens will be encouraged to think critically of not only the stories and media they consume, but how society at large influences the creation and story direction of media, and how media reflects and influences society. During the Stay Home, Stay Safe order, The Geek Group will be held via Zoom. The first session will be held during the Summer Reading Program.

Complete the challenge inside of each square. Complete five squares in a row for a bingo and the chance to win our grand prize. Complete all of the squares on the card for the ultimate bingo, which will gain you four more chances to win the grand prize, which  will be chosen in 
AugustWhen you finish your Bingo card you can email a photo of it to us or leave it in our 
Concrete dropbox.  

Complete as many tasks as you possibly can! Pick and chose the tasks that inspire you and take photos or video or send us a website link as proof of the completion of your task. Email your  proof to or to social media (in a public post!) with the hashtag
#USLSRPScavengerHunt. The child, teen, and adult who complete the most tasks gets a small prize and an entry into the grand prize drawings!  

Photos will be gathered to share on our social media and be put into an eMagazine at the end of the Summer Reading Program. 

Complete as many reading hours as possible during the month and post progress regularly.

Craft, Art, STEM, and Writing Kits to keep you creative over summer!

Reserve your preferred kits now for pick-up during curbside service hours (10am-3pm) on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Build a Catapult

Fire Breathing Dragons

Stay Positive Binary Bracelets

Hogwarts House Pom Poms

Want a craft kit? 

Select the craft you would like to do and write to us on the follower form. 
Once you’ve reserved your kit(s), staff will assemble them. They will be available for pick-up on the next curbside/walk-up service date (Tuesdays and Saturdays 10am-3pm). We will call or email you to let you know when your kit is available. Follow the instructions for curbside/walk-up service from our main website ( in order to collect your kit(s).